Why Advertise with us?

We’ve grown with New Zealand businesses over the last 36 years and since 1980 thousands of companies have realised the benefits of advertising in our publications. We’ve grown to be one of New Zealand’s largest privately owned publishing houses. Let’s face it, we would not still be here today if the publications didn’t produce results and weren’t valued and respected.


We do what we say we do
If we didn’t we wouldn’t still be publishing 30 years on. We value our name, brand and titles in the market place. We do not make false claims, exaggerate our numbers or figures to gain “market share”. What’s important is our reputation – to uphold this we do what we say we do!


Audited publications
Our established publications are independently audited by the New Zealand Audit Bureau of Circulations. New or current publications cannot be audited in advance as an audit relies on proof of distribution and printing quantities. Until a publication is published nothing can be proven as the audit relies on historical data. We provide audited circulation figures as proof of distribution so advertisers can rest assured that we print and distribute exactly as many copies of each title as we say we do.


You’ve got a range of choices
From small one-off adverts to fulfilling marketing budgets and nationwide campaigns – advertise locally, nationally or target a particular market – our range of publications can cater for all requirements.


No payment is required in advance
We do not request payment from advertisers until they have the printed product in front of them. This reassures advertisers they are paying for what they booked and confirmed. Payment is requested 20th of the month following the print date.


Nothing goes to print without your final confirmation
Our team will work with you through the proofing process until you are happy for the advert to proceed to print. Digital (email) hardcopy and fax proofing service is available.


We respect your privacy
We do not sell or forward any client information gathered to third parties. All information supplied by you is protected and only used in house for our own purposes including customer service and satisfaction, delivery guarantees plus auditing and accounting requirements.


We have our own experienced design, editorial and production teams
Our production, design and editorial teams are lead by experienced professionals who know our publications and understand our advertisers and their requirements. These teams serve us nationwide and are based in our head office in Christchurch. They are available during standard business hours and are also supported by a range of freelance journalists, photographers and designers throughout New Zealand.


The process is simple

  1. You have been dealing with a sales representative and have confirmed your booking.
  2. You may be contacted by a production assistant to confirm contact details or to get an order number. Order numbers can be helpful if you book a nationwide campaign across a range of magazines or if you have booked adverts printing in consecutive issues.
  3. Our administration team sends out a confirmation note to confirm the details of your advertisement booking in writing shortly after you have booked your advertising with the sales representative.
  4. You can work with the production/design team to create your advertisement to your requirements at no additional cost and then confirm once you are happy for the advertisement to proceed to print.
  5. You are sent a copy of the publication with your invoice requesting payment.


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