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Mercedes pays homage to the past with retro inspired dream machine

Big, bold and beautiful! Packed with technology and dripping in style, the Vision Mercedes- Maybach 6 is almost six metres long and pays homage to the glorious age of aero coupes.

Powering it are four electric motors producing a combined 750 horsepower. Mercedes says that will be enough to get the car from 0-100 kph in under four seconds, with a range exceeding 500 kilometres.

While the outrageously long bonnet, low roof and split rear window scream aero coupés of days gone by, this is a contemporary take on classic aesthetics. The design is all about minimalist reduction – an expression of less is more.

There are no monstrosities such as spoilers, splitters, intakes and other eyesores, as Daimler AG head of design, Gordon Wagner cites, “With its intelligent appeal and reduced, technoid look, it perfectly embodies our design philosophy of sensual purity and our pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency”.

The radiator grille was inspired by a pinstriped suit, gullwing doors are of course included and the 24-inch rims have transparent panels; an infusion of age-old principals with cutting edge technology.

An exclusively crafted set of two suitcases is included in an interior stocked with modern technology and old-school comfort, including a Chesterfield look to the leather seats, Elm wood trim (to create that refined yachting look), and a digital overlay on the windshield displaying information across the entire lower glass, all controlled and adjusted via gestures.

Rolls-Royce and Maybach have for some time traded blows as to who makes the world’s most luxurious cars and to be fair, Rolls-Royce has had the upper hand of late, with sublime offerings such as the Dawn.

While the Vision 6 concept might well have Rolls-Royce designers shifting uncomfortably in their chairs, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that Mercedes actually builds it.

Author: fatweb

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