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Is it time to call the professionals

by fatweb

Suzanne Carter

Specialist for Limelight Online

Google has made it very easy for any business owner to set-up a Google AdWords campaign.
But you must remember that Google is a business, so they have made it easy for business owners to spend money.
So ensuring that you get the best results for your budget is the tricky bit. Unless you are very experienced with setting up and managing Google AdWords campaigns, you are very likely throwing money away.
An effective campaign is one that brings you results with the least amount of spend; in other words a highly targeted campaign. Inexperience, time and a lack of understanding of Google AdWords can be the downfall in running a successful campaign.
Let’s take a look at three general outcomes that will occur when you embark on a Google AdWords campaign.
Scenario One
You dive straight in, without any prior knowledge or much research, and set-up and manage a Google AdWords campaign. You’ll have a campaign up and running in no time. Then you’ll start spending money, and more money, and more money.
Your credit card (how you pay for AdWords) bill is getting higher and higher, but you have not seen much return on your investment. Where is the new business? In frustration, you give up and stop your campaign.
Scenario two
You don’t have the time to set-up your own campaign, but your friend mentioned they knew someone who knew something about Google?
Your campaign is set-up and might be quite successful. You are still spending money, but are getting some new business, so you’re quite happy to go with it.
Then your friend’s friend gets too busy and the campaign becomes sporadic; money is still being spent but you don’t know how well the campaign is being run.
No longer confident that AdWords is bringing you the right results, you stop the campaign.
Scenario three
You understand that working with specialists to set-up and manage your campaign is the right way to go.
An agency will research your business and industry, keywords and advise on how best to utilise your spend. They’ll know the difference between a good, average and poor campaign and can adjust the campaign to ensure you are getting the best results for your spend.
If you are keen to engage a professional company, do check that they have Google AdWords Certified Partner status.

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