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Stop Criminals Before They Get Into Your Business

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Nearly 16,000 unlawful entries and burglaries were reported in Canterbury last year, so the obvious question is; is your business protecting itself against intruders and theft?

Those likely to enter your property with ill intent are smarter and more brazen than ever. As security technology gets smarter – so too do those trying to avoid detection.
With Christchurch moving closer to rebuilding, the team at Ross Galt Security recommend businesses take a proactive and integrated approach to their security options – both electronic and traditional security; locks, keyless entry systems and secure storage.
Ross Galt Security divisional manager Peter Erridge says if you are rebuilding, you need to factor security into your overall plan right from the start. “Make the right initial investment into protecting your people and property, and you will ultimately save time and many dollars.


“When looking at your security system, you do have to plan for the worst case scenario. We work with businesses to work through the ‘what ifs’ and find solutions that provide the right outcome for that individual business and its budget.”
If someone gains entry to your building, they are committed, Erridge says. “If you can surprise them before they get in, there is a far greater chance they will disappear – as they are not yet fully committed to the crime.”
In today’s environment it is a given you are going to require an alarm and it really needs to be professionally monitored. Technology now enables this to happen online in real time. “With an internet connection and well placed cameras  and lights that turn on if the perimeter is breached (through the use of security beams or movement detectors) through video feed we can instantly see what that breach is and if the police or security company needs to be called. “
There are many different deterrents that can be used on the exterior of a premise. Once a breech has occurred you can have a staged series of security measures activate – including alarms, lights, sirens, and voiced warnings the intruder is being watched.
“Your external line of defence is important – the more barriers you have between them and their target – the interior of your business, the less likely they are to gain entry.”
The Ross Galt Security division is a new initiative of the leading Christchurch lock and key company, in direct response to the earthquakes. The rebuild and repair of business and commercial premises across the region provides an opportunity for businesses to integrate security more seamlessly into the overall construction of their buildings.
“With over 40 years in the industry, we consult with project managers, construction companies, insurers, architects and business owners, providing the very best quality solutions.”
Erridge says even the smallest business needs to make their property, premise and people secure and he urges all companies to seek professional advice. “There are reliable solutions to meet every budget.”

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