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Signs Your Job Might Be Worth Sticking With…

by fatweb

Finding a job now can be harder than ever, so sticking to the one you have got may be worth while. Here are signs that your current job might be worth staying at.

Your boss/company wants to use you to your fullest potential and listens to your suggestions

If it matters to your boss when you are under-utilised, that indicates that he/she values you as a person and not just as an employee. A boss who truly listens is a boss you can communicate honestly with. Having a real ‘say’ in what happens at work will give you a lift – it might not be what you truly care about, but at least your opinion matters.

You have real responsibility for things that matter in your workplace

Giving you independent responsibility says that your boss trusts you and that you are trustworthy. Clearly you are a valued employee. An employer who trusts you is one to consider staying with if you’re unsure what else is out there, or until you are sure.

You have a good working relationship with your co-workers

Bad co-workers make for a miserable work environment, and good co-workers can be hard to find. If you’re at a job where you like working with the people around you, then you’re in a good place. From that good place, you can take your time making decisions about your next move.

You have decided to quit…

If you think quitting your job is the right decision, go through this checklist before making any hasty decisions.

• Discuss your thoughts about quitting with your spouse, family and friends

• Think about all your options – can your current job situation be improved by talking to your employer?

• Can you afford to quit financially? If not, try to line up a new job, even a temporary one before you quit

• If necessary, reduce your living expenses to save money before (and after) you quit

• Whatever decision you make, try not to make it too quickly! Whatever the outcome, try to stay positive about it. This will make it easier to find a new job or improve the one you’re already in.

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