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Should I Have A Blog On My Website?

by fatweb


Suzanne Carter is the business development manager for Limelight Online Ltd, a website design and development company, visit

This is a common conundrum so the aim of this column is to put forward the case as to why having a blog on your website is important to your business.

A blog provides you and your business with an opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge of your industry and your product/service. It is a good way to gain and enhance your trustworthiness and credibility to existing and potential customers.

It can also be used as a way of providing news about your company or general news about your industry.

Blogging really is a great way to interact and engage with your customers and potential customers online. If you send out newsletters a good idea is to add some introduction text to your blog topic and then link to your website so that it can be read in full.

Allow the ability for people to add comments to your blog as this just increases customer engagement.

The other reason why it is important to have a blog on your site is because it helps with the visibility of your website in search engines such as Google. Basically, search engines love fresh content on a site and monitor the frequency of content updates. This means having a blog is a great way to have regular, new content showing on your site.

Having quality and informative blog entries also means that you increase your likelihood of building backlinks to the blog itself. And this, from a search engine optimisation perspective, is an all important part of helping to make your site more visible to search engines.

If you do have a blog, or decide to integrate one into your website, it is important to blog regularly – once a month at a minimum. Of course this can raise time issues for busy business people, so, rather than take on the task yourself, why not ask other staff members to contribute to the blog as well.

When writing a blog try and remember to include keywords – these are the words that people are likely to use when looking for your product or service online. This will help with allowing your blog to show in search results for relevant search queries.

Another tip is to try not to include too much jargon or industry terminology, particularly if your target audience is not likely to understand what you are talking about. Writing for your audience is very important.

If you include reference to your products or services, then you should include a link to the relevant section of your website so readers can find out more.

If you do decide to have a blog on your site and follow the above tips the results will speak for themselves.

Is social media worth the effort?

Thousands of companies have jumped aboard the social media movement, as it allows you to reach out and engage with a wider audience than you perhaps could with offline forms of marketing. This in turn can help with driving more business. Think of it as the modern day version of ‘word-of-mouth’.

Friends or followers are easily able to give feedback on products or services and feedback is valuable to a business. If it’s bad feedback you can work to fix the problem, if it’s good you can thank people accordingly. There are so many people in New Zealand and across the world that you might not normally have the opportunity to reach out to. Social media allows businesses to do this relatively easily through a few simple Facebook posts or Tweets.

Great customer service is key to creating a great company. If someone expresses a problem with a product or service via social media platforms, you can engage with them in real time to try and resolve the issue, before too much bad ‘word of mouth’

gets out.

Businesses need to be aware of what is happening in their industry and what competitors are doing – social media allows you to track the competition.

Getting started on social media may be quite daunting at first but it can soon become fun and develop into an integral part of your marketing plan.

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