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Sharing the Load

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It is continuously noted that when team members feel valued and respected in their workplace they are more likely engage and commit themselves to the company.
One way to make your team feel like they are an integral part of the business is to allow them to partake in the decision-making process.
Staff are the greatest asset to any workplace and it’s vital for a thriving business that you make them feel that way.
Business Mentors’ Canterbury manager, Ellen Pender, says by adding a level of transparency to decision making, people will be less hesitant about change and will have higher levels of trust.
“It engages everyone in the bigger picture and this awareness helps to reduce resistance to decisions and to change.”
Ultimately the majority of decisions made in business have an effect on everyone. Seeking input from team members in these decisions can help them feel part of the big picture.
“Everyone has new ideas and within us all, we have the answers, so why not give your team the chance to express how they would like things to be where they work,” Ellen says.
Seeing your team ideas being implemented and watching those ideas benefit the company, can be a wonderful morale booster and a way to increase satisfaction levels.
Premier Group International is known for their exceptional workplace culture having won the Overall Winner 2016 award at the IBM Kenexa Best Workplaces Awards.
Founder Bernard Powell says in order for them to achieve such an award they changed their level of hierarchy.
There is no ‘boss and servant culture’ within their company and everyone’s ideas are valued and considered no matter how crazy they may seem.
From a managerial perspective it can be difficult giving associates the power to make big decisions, however by leaving the decision up to them, they then must take ownership of it, if the decision turns out to be a bad one it’s up to them to rectify it.
This takes commitment to your staff and the ability to not only trust but to forgive if things don’t go to plan.
If you want your business to progress and you want your employees to get behind that progression there needs to be open and honest communication. The team needs to know what the goals are, how to get there and be a part of making them.
Ellen says initially staff may lack confidence, even become fearful, but eventually when they realise that their input is listened to and valued, confidence will increase.
Overall the benefits truly outweigh the risks involved.
It is something that Ellen has always encouraged with managers and business owners throughout her career.
Involvement creates a workplace people can be proud of, pride leads to motivation, and motivation leads to success.
By Natalia Rietveld

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