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Scented Candles, Hammocks, Glassbreaker Pen, Luggage Tracker, Etc.

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1. Glasshouse Fragrances’ Triple Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love a good scented candle? They create a serene ambience and fill your home with a tantalising aroma, and Peter Alexander’s Glasshouse triple-scented range offers the most delightfully pungent scents you will come across. They’re as safe as candles can be, too, made using non-toxic wax and natural lead-free wicks. Each scent is inspired byan exotic location and the Tahaa (Vanilla Caramel), theirmost popular choice among the masses, alludes to amagical island experience.

RRP: From $26.99

2. Calming, Comfortable and Colourful Hammocks

Let the cool breeze of the wind glide across your face as you comfortably relax stretched out in your home or garden sanctuary. Vast Interior’s range of hammocks provide a simple solution to any outdoor area. Perfect for summer, these moveable and functional hammocks ensure you get the best levels of sun light on these warmer days. Head into their store at 130 Moorehouse Avenue or visit their Facebook page to see these and many more available.

RRP: $349 with stand

3. UZI Tactical Glassbreaker Pen

There’s a little James Bond in all of us, and for those who like to act on that instinct, this tactical pen is just the thing for you. UZI’s products are tried and tested by the US Army, Secret Service and Special Forces, so you’re know they’re good. Made with heavy-duty aircraft aluminium and featuring a carbide tip glass breaker and striking point, this is a compact device that’s ideal for any toolbox, just in case you need to, you know, write something down or smash some glass.

RRP: From $31.95

 4. Samsonite Track&Go Luggage Tracker

Samsonite is one of the world’s leading luggage brands and, excitingly, they’ve just announced the introduction of tracking to their range. Track&Go is a sophisticated beacon device that can be built into Samsonite suitcases, allowing the case to be easily and privately tracked by its owner. The range will first be introduced into European markets at the end of 2016 before being offered to international markets. The days of wondering where in the world your luggage could be are numbered!


5. Vegepod

It’s that time of year again when the weather is so good for so long that there’s really no excuse to not be growing your own vegetables – especially when there are low-maintenance designs available like this one from Vegepod NZ. There are three container garden sizes to choose between: a small 0.5m x 1m, a medium 1m x 1m, and a large 2m x 1m self-watering pod. Whether you simply want fresh strawberries or you want to be able to pop outside and pick seasonal, home-grown ingredients for your meal, these Vegepods are the answer.

RRP: From $179

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