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Put A Little Love Into Your Work

by fatweb

Valentine’s Day has come and gone – you either love it or hate it! However, it’s a great excuse to express a little emotion and spread the love. We happily express love for our partners, family, friends, pets, even our neighbours…well some of them. Some people love being outdoors, some people love rugby and some people love cake – our capacity to love is extremely vast. So why is love often missing from the workplace? By Kayte John

If you find yourself looking at your career and wishing you were on a path you felt more passionate and energised about, then here are six ways to love the job you may be starting to loathe.


1. Love the team

We all find some people easier to work with than others. Consider the people you don’t get on with as easily – try and find out what motivates them, what they value in life and in work, understand their goals and objectives as they probably differ from yours. When we understand people it becomes easier to connect and collaborate because we treat each other with respect. Very few people come to work to do a bad job, so find out what is driving them.

2. State your needs

What is important to you? Which of your personal values are not being met? How well do the team and your employer understand you? Tell them what is important to you, be open and honest – be willing to accept your mistakes and ask for help when you need it.

3. Be yourself

Many people say they act very different at home compared to how they behave at work. When we are playing different roles like this, we are not being fully authentic and can come across as fake. Relax and be yourself – its less hard work than trying to be someone else!

4. Turn up your strengths

Consider where you excel – how can you do this even more? For example, if one of your traits is to be enthusiastic, try being enthusiastic in a situation that normally drags you down. Look at the positives and stop looking at the negatives for a change.

5. Focus on the things you can do

Where can you improve your job? What can you delegate? Do the things you don’t like doing first each day so that you reduce the amount of time spent analysing over them. Review your workload on a weekly and monthly basis. Where are you focusing your energy? Where would you like to focus your energy? Consider what needs to be dropped in order to do the things you really want to.

6. Stop focusing on the money

Money will never be enough so stop using it as an excuse. Whatever salary you are bringing home – there is always going to be things you could do or would do if you had more. Getting paid is only one small part of what you do; your work has to be more than just a paycheck to be fulfilling.

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