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Petrek GPS Tracker for Pets, Freedom Furniture Madras Rug, Essano Skin Care, Etc.

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1. Petrek GPS tracker for pets

The Petrek 3G GPS device and corresponding app allows youto check in on your pet and track its whereabouts, includingbeing alerted when your pet breaches your property boundary.The GPS device easily attaches to any dog or cat collar,alleviating you of the ‘where do I even start’ panic that ensueswhen your beloved companion unexpectedly flies the coop.

RRP: $299

2. Scrumptious by Chelsea Winter

Chelsea Winter has become somewhat of a saviour in thekitchen and you’ll discover why with this utterly irresistiblecollection of recipes. Packed with mouthwatering lunches anddinners, indulgent baking and wickedly good desserts, ChelseaWinter’s fourth cookbook is sure to become your new go-tofor any occasion. There’s even a section on Chelsea’s festivefavourites for Christmas! The 90-plus recipes are easy tofollow, use ingredients on hand in your fridge or pantry, and willcertainly earn you rave reviews from your family and friends.

RRP: $50
Available at all good bookstores

3. Freedom Furniture Madras Rug

Perfect for the transition from winter to spring, theConservatory Collection from Freedom Furniture brings natureindoors with its use of earthy materials designed for theeveryday. The Madras rug epitomises stylish, down-to-earthliving and brings an organic yet elegant feel to the interiorspace of any home. It’s available in two sizes: 120x270cm and180x270cm.

RRP: $199

4. Essano Skin Care

As spring rolls around and we emerge from our winter slumber,what better way to revitalise our skin than with an au naturelrange of cruelty-free products, rich in organic goodness andmade right here in New Zealand. Formulated to gently andnaturally nourish skin for ultimate hydration, elasticity andradiance, much of Essano’s skincare range is certified organicby Ecocert. Better yet, the product range is available at mostsupermarkets nationwide.

RRP: $12.99

5. ONO 3D printer for smartphones

The very first 3D printer for smartphones, ONO received morethan $2million in pledges through its Kickstarter crowd-fundingcampaign, and with a very reasonable price tag of $129, thiscompact and clever device is revolutionising how the averageJoe connects with the digital world. ONO hits the market onceits 16,000 backers have been mailed their pre-orders, which isanticipated to be at the end of September.
Watch this space!

RRP: $129

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