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Gary Collins

Managing Director

I started with the company in 1997 as the General Manager and have always been involved in the publishing industry – you could say it’s in the blood as it has been in my family for the last 35 years.
Due to having an excellent team of people we have experienced steady growth over the last 18 years and now have offices on the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Auckland as well as our head office operation in Christchurch. We have launched several new companies along the way including a job site, a dog and cat food distribution company, SafeBottles – analternative for plastic water bottles, which, due to my personal interest in health and fitness, I am very passionate about and several more publishing arms particularly into the Australian market.
I am now the Managing Director of Academy Group and as such focus on the future growth of the business. This includes a new recently launched venture – FatWeb, a leading web design company, creating websites for companies of all sizes.
I am excited about the future opportunities for our business and our staff.
You can contact me at:

Jarred Shakespeare

Art Director/Production Manager

I joined the Academy team in 2010 after years of study in the Graphic/Interactive fields.
After years off creating adverts for our various magazine publications I quickly moved through the ranks to my current role as Art Director. In this role I am responsible for ensuring deadlines are met, and that we deliver a high quality final product to all our numerous clients.
Our talented Production team constantly produces work of high standards, and takes great pride in the work they produce. I enjoy working in the busy, fast paced and friendly environment that Academy is, and being involved in all processes right through to their finished form.
When I’m not in front of a computer, I like to spend time with my two daughters, wife, and pet dog Boomer!
You can contact me at:

Kylie Palermo

General Manager of Operations

I joined the Academy Group in 2005, where I started out as an Office Junior after many years within the Administration department I am now, the General Manager of Operations. My role includes several duties for each of the companies under the Academy umbrella which keeps me very busy.
When I’m not at work, I spend this time with my husband Michael, our daughter Hayley and our dog Max.
You can contact me at:

Jonathon Taylor


I joined the Academy ‘family’ as we like to call it as a junior reporter in late 2001. After cutting my teeth writing features, profiles, news and reviews, was made chief reporter a year later and began overseeing daily newsroom activities, while still writing for the publications.
In 2005 I became editor and now look after the entire editorial team and oversee all our publications’ content. In this day and age of mass communications our editorial philosophy is to give readers ‘information they can use,’ and the editorial direction for all our publications is based around this premise.
You can contact me at:

Kylie Palermo

Christchurch Print Sales Manager, Business Agency Sales Development Manager

It is with great delight that I am part of the Academy Group. I have been working in the media and publishing industry for over 14 years. Mostly working in circulation, account management and agency sales development.
Working within a distribution centre and publishing house has given me a wide range of knowledge and understanding from both ends.
I believe in the printing industry and the growth within the current market, print will always play a large role as people enjoy the read and don’t forget the smell of an actual publication, Yes we all need to acknowledge the New Digital Times and moving ahead, and we are most definitely moving forward.
I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of a dynamic company within New Zealand, I can say that my company is almost the same age as me and that should say a lot about the company. the Academy Group is a powerful, strong and trusted organization.
Being in the role as the new Business Agency Sales Development Manager brings lots of excitement and trust. Each new appointment leads to a brand new business relationship and moving our companies brand forward.
To optimize your business potential and leading you ahead of your opposition please feel free to call me to work on the ideal marketing and branding plan that will suit your companies needs and strategies.
You can contact me at:


Seth Riley

Information Technology Manager

I have been with the Company since 2013 and manage our Information & Communications Technology. During my short tenure, I have implemented changes to ensure that all our Systems run smoothly and provide a great experience for our end users either on site, mobile, or from home.
Working for a large company with such a long and colorful history in the Country has been very challenging, yet rewarding and provides great job satisfaction. It has been a great pleasure to work with colleagues that have helped me grow both professionally and at a personal level. I learn something new every day.
When I’m not in front of a computer I like spending time with friends and family.
You can contact me at:

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