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Leading Your Team

by fatweb

Managers need to inspire their staff to ensure top-performing people remain with them so that their business flourishes as the economy improves.

There are many non-financial incentives employers can put in place to inspire people and ensure their company is a great place to work. What is clear, is that motivating staff is more important now that employees are feeling more confident about their career prospects and may be searching for other opportunities.

One of the most effective means of motivating your staff is to recognise their achievements. One-on-one coaching is another effective method of firing up your staff and scheduling refresher training sessions with all staff. So here are some great ways to keep staff on point, motivated and enthused.

• Be able to easily communicate the organisation’s vision, missions, and values to others

• Be adaptable and flexible and not bound by a plan. A leader can easily move from one set of circumstances to the next

• Be decisive. A leader must be able to wade through information, understand what’s relevant and make a well considered decision, taking action based on that decision

• Staff morale in many organisations may be in the doldrums in the aftermath of the downturn as employees have struggled with heavier workloads, and possibly longer hours, with no additional pay or other compensation. Managers should take steps to turn any pessimism around before it hurts productivity

• Make your employees part of the solution. Employees need to be involved in decision making, because their buy-in is critical for motivation and performance

• Offering non-monetary benefits is another great way to inspire staff. Offering new training programmes, career development, cross training, even flexible work schedules are great alternatives when your organisation can’t afford to pay salary increases

• Make sure employees can measure their own performance against Key Performance Indicators. This is a key element of employee motivation, because if a worker cannot measure their progress, it’s unlikely their progress will improve

• Finding a way to reward your people will inspire staff. It’s especially important that employees feel a sense of accomplishment in their work. Set up proper recognition and rewards, so they can feel a sense of teamwork and can be acknowledged for their efforts during difficult times.

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