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Is Your Head In The Clouds?

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Given the vulnerability infrastructure has to the whims of mother nature and wide spread systemic failure (remember when India lost power across virtually the whole country?), it’s making more and more sense for companies to be careful about their “cloud” offerings, and for businesses to make sure they are storing their info in an economical and safe way.

However, the cloud just got clever.

In response to the ensuing burgeoning business need for sophisticated data protection and other document services, Konica Minolta is partnering with Vocus Communications, an ASX-listed company, to host a New Zealand-based cloud service specialising in document management.

Vocus will host the cloud, which retains all Konica Minolta customer data onshore. It’s innovative in that it provides a safer means of storage previously unachievable with international clouds, which invite greater risk of data loss.

Konica Minolta’s Software as a Service (SAAS) is also the first in the country to specialise in document management processes such as workflows and version control, and to include habit-forming techniques within them which intuitively store, locate and file papers frequently needed in everyday business.

Konica Minolta’s SAAS Document Management solution secures more than just data, explains national marketing manager Josh Byers. “This SAAS means that you can enjoy all the benefits of document management software without having to purchase it upfront, maintain it or buy block packages of storage. You only pay for directly what you use, and reap all the advantages of an international cloud without the safety risks associated with foreign hosts.”

Konica Minolta’s SAAS offering will also be extending to include the Kofax Capture and Transformation software named SAAS Capture. SAAS Capture extracts

data from documents and then validates that data before outputting both the data and the document image to a line of business system.

SAAS Capture can be used wherever documents are used as source of data entry, including the automated processing of invoices, orders, applications and claims. The New Zealand-based cloud storage aspect of its new offering has allowed the addition of payroll document validation, which for security reasons cannot be undertaken through international clouds.

Konica Minolta’s Software Solutions channel manager Greg Twiname explains the reasoning behind the addition of SAAS Capture into the Konica Minolta service portfolio.

“SAAS Capture also provides an excellent means of automated codifying of documents (via metadata) for storage into Konica Minolta’s SAAS Document Management solution. This means that documents can be correctly named, routed to appropriate folders, easily located and retrieved, and that policies for security, retention and disposal can be enforced.”

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