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IPhone Apps With Attitude

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By Kate Pierson

As a proported mystical figure of luck, the numeral seven represents the number of stars in the big dipper, wonders in the ancient world and days in a week. Seven is also the number of iPhone app’s that have made our ‘must have’ iPhone applications list. A contemporary take on the traditional Top 10, this compilation is comprised of app’s selected with  your social, physical and emotional spirit in mind.


We’ve taken our personality and cloned it, because cyberspace has taken the meaning, ‘be who you want to be’ to a whole new level. Existing in two dimensions, we have on and offline identities and as the trend for socialising becomes transfixed on tweeting, posting, chatting and net-working, it’s our online persona that’s prevailing.

So with social savvy, time-conscious and general yuppies in mind, the Shozu iPhone app has been created, allowing users to interact with a host of social websites including Twitter and networking having, Facebook. Shozu has taken the ‘be in two places at once’ expression to the extreme and then quadrupled it, so your availability to the world around you knows no bounds.

Jamie Oliver 20 minute meals

It’s every women’s fantasy and every male appetite’s dream; Jamie Oliver in the kitchen.

The Jamie Oliver 20 minute meals iPhone app is all about abandoning your culinary inhibitions. With access to more than 60 gourmet meals, 90 minutes of video clips, helpful hints and a step by step pictorial guide, you’ll be a fine food connoisseur in a Jamie Oliver heartbeat. In a rather odd twist, the motion of moving your iPhone draws out a random recipe from this app’s imagination. It’s like a palate pleasing pick n mix – you never know what you’re going to get.

SMS, txtese, chatspeak or more familiarly, what we know as text talk, is launching a take-over of conventional language. Depends on who you’re asking; but they’ll either attest it’s making a mockery of  language and literacy, or revolutionising the ethos of expression.

Either way; until the time abbreviations, acronyms and conversing in code reigns supreme, a mind rich in vocabulary variety is still your best bet for mastering the art of communication and the iPhone app can be your portable tutor.

As an academic archive, this app features a database of more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms and has auto-pronunciations, alphabetical indexing and word origin history on file. With the app, you’ve got the world of words at your fingertips.


Call yourself a music enthusiast? Well you’re not a living breathing expression of this term until you have Shazam on your iPhone. With a proprietary recognition system, it’s got an ear for music this one and by simply holding your iPhone to a speaker and tapping “tag now,” Shazam will listen to the beat, interpret the sound and translate the track’s title and artist. But it’s not just a music discovery engine, because with this app, you can attach photos to clips ,or view compatible songs on youtube. Shazam is a music matchmaker.


Good Guide

Today we live on a diet of instant gratification in the form of fried and fast foods. But it’s time to reacquaint ourselves with delicious traditionalism and seek out safe and sustainable nutrition.

With the Good Guide iPhone app, you can shop with knowledge. Representing 50,000 products and companies, it’ll be your environmental and social conscience, with a barcode scanner to boot. Just aim your iPhone camera at the product and hit ‘scan barcode’. Each product has a rating plus a breakdown, because the Good Guide is all about product transparency.

It’s the iPhone app that let’s you be the judge

FlightTrack Pro

Ranked as one of the Top 10 iPhones app’s of 2010, FlightTrack Pro is your essential travel companion. It covers more than 5,000 airports worldwide and if you’ve got a tendency to forget rather than file your itinerary info, FlightTrack Pro allows you to save flight schedules up to 11 months in advance and it’ll even automatically synchronise them for you.

It’s got an intuitive nature this one; predicting flight delays with the aid of airport warnings and historical delay forecasts. FlightTrack Pro will also help you find flight alternatives with a tap, track domestic and international flights and it’ll keep you up to speed with airtime and altitude.

Good Night

Sleep is hibernation for the mind and body; preparation for the spontaneity that life’s sure to bring each day. And while our days are often dictated by bells and whistles, the transition from asleep to awake should be all about ease.

The Good Night iPhone app is exactly who you should to go to bed with every night. Working with your iPhone’s microphone or accelerometer, Good Night monitors your sleep phases during a 30 minute span of your selection. Sensing your subtlest movements, it calculates your sleep rhythm and will nudge you from rest to reality during your lightest sleeping phase.

This app has a sensitive side and knows just how to tune into your body clock.

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