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hystandpic1Before globalisation and the emergence of international trade relationships, members of the commercial market throughout the world were isolated from each other, and consumers were limited to buying within their own respective markets, or waiting extended periods of time for their offshore investments to arrive.

Today imports and exports are ubiquitous and with their presence the accessibility of goods and services spoil consumers for choice. Spoiling consumers with exclusive flooring choices in New Zealand is start-up success story Hystand – a brand of Hyplore Holdings New Zealand Ltd.
The business has a culturally rich history with ties to one of the most compelling and rapidly diversifying economic climates on the planet – China. Hystand thrives thanks to an environmentally conscious, adaptive and evolutionary business model – one that has seen the company rapidly makes its way into the hearts, minds and homes of
New Zealanders.
As a young brand in Aotearoa, New Zealanders’ needs are Hystand’s highest priority. Its mission is to provide quality flooring and delivering reliable service and assistance.
In China
The Zhang family had high hopes when it brought Hystand to the New Zealand market, and rightly so. It knew it had a niche – a product that was head and shoulders above the rest, because it had been so carefully refined to appeal to the tastes and preferences of New Zealand people.
Having owned and operated a factory in Shanghai, Zhejiang province in China, the Zhang’s weren’t entering into an industry blind, and they had the smarts and skills to make a compelling entrance.
Owner and operator Luna Zhang says, “We own a manufacturing factory that is based in China and import all the materials from countries including Europe, South America and Russia. Our products are made at the factory in China and then brought to New Zealand.
“I know the business inside out because I grew up in China and managed the factory for three or so years before I came out to New Zealand. My father owns the factory and it has been in operation for more than 12 years, so we are an expert in this area.”
While the New Zealand arm of Hystand is still in its relative infancy, it is maturing quickly, and befriending style lovers along the way. “We thought very carefully and considerately about bringing our business to New Zealand. We wanted to be able to sell a quality product for a good price, and we have grown much faster than we initially anticipated.”
This growth no doubt owes to an extensive, attractive and functional flooring range that includes 100 percent New Zealand designed flooring options that range from residential through to commercial.
Not only does Hystand offer a broad selection, it builds on its offering even further by offering easy to clean, low maintenance, cost-effective, impact resistant, easy to install and eco-friendly options. It also offers customisation for customers that want to exercise greater discretion over their flooring choices.
Solid wood options are available in European Oak, Siberian Highstand Pine, European Ash, North American Birch, South American Tauari, South American Cumaru, Southeast Asia Kasai, Indonesian Kempas and African Kosso three in one. Laminate and engineered options are also available, as well as free samples and free quotes.

Kiwis love quality

Luna Zhang knows and values that the Hystand brand stands for incomparable quality – something which has bolstered the credibility and authenticity of the company so much in the last year.
“I would say one of our strongest competitive advantages is our quality. So very often similar looking products flood into this market, and perhaps for a while, customers may start buying them because they look the same and they are cheaper.
“But then after a while, they realise the low price is a reflection of the quality. Our flooring solutions are considered an investment in the future because they are designed to last.
“We find with most Kiwis that they are very much focussed on quality – they want and appreciate quality. We have embraced this and also listened very careful to what their style preferences are. Many of our consumers now love and prefer the lighter colours for their flooring, so we have adapted our factory in China to meet these needs.”
Hystand has also positioned itself as an environmentally conscious business and takes this position seriously. It manufactures eco-friendly and safer flooring options for kids and pets, and all materials meet New Zealand’s environmental standards for flooring. The solid wood flooring is also protected with anti-scratch technology, which prevents kids or pets damaging the surface.
“This product has the best value and quality I have ever used. It meets all my needs – it is waterproof, heat system safe, harmless for children and for pets, and is much cheaper than I anticipated. All in all, if you are thinking of flooring for your family, HYSTAND is a brand you can’t afford to miss.” – Charlotte Shi, Architect
For the future
Having already firmly established itself as a flooring favourite in the New Zealand market, Luna is now considering the company’s next move, and is committed to diversifying Hystand’s services even further.
“We are thinking carefully about our options from here. It is very important to us that we continue to meet the demands for our products in New Zealand and maintain the high standards that our customers expect from us. We also want to look at the possibility of taking on large, commercial projects.
“Last year we were contracted to do the entire flooring for a Hilton Hotel in China. It is our desire to take on projects like this in New Zealand because to date we have very much been taking on residential projects, and not really big, commercial projects.”
The Hystand brand could also find itself based throughout New Zealand with plans for expansion too. “We are currently based only in Auckland, but we would very much like to base ourselves in Christchurch and Wellington too with the potential for franchises and a show room. A show room would very much give us the opportunity to build new networks, which is a real focus for us in the coming years.”
“We find with most Kiwis that they are very much focussed on quality
– they want and appreciate quality.”
– Owner and operator, Luna Zhang


HYSTAND is proud of its relationship with, and commitment to Amnesty International. It partners with Amnesty International in its fight for freedom, justice and dignity for all. HYSTAND cares deeply about gender based violence, children’s rights, human rights in the Pacific, as well as the challenges faced by the less fortunate all across the world.
With all the available flooring options on the market, why Hystand? Because HYSTAND knows solid wood flooring:
Has sound insulation
Solid wood flooring has a hard texture and compact fiber structure. It works better than concrete, tiles and steel for a sound insulation.
Is a life product
Solid wood flooring is a life product. When saying ‘life’ we mean this product breathes to release the internal moisture when the conditions are too dry and absorbs moisture from air when it is humid.
Is eco-friendly
Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood from primeval forest without the coating of volatile wear-resistant paint. It is totally eco-friendly in terms of its material and coating.
Is unique
We all know that each tree has its own texture, which means you can’t find two trees that look exactly alike. As a result, every piece of solid wood flooring is unique throughout the world. Nobody else will get the same as you do.
Durable, solid wood flooring has a thicker wear surface and can be sanded and finished more times than other types. It has a lifespan of tens or even hundreds of years i fused properly. It is not uncommon for homes in New England, Eastern Canada and Europe, which are several hundred years old, to have the original solid wood flooring still in use today.

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