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Hit The Ground Running

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By Paul Robinson

As we put the global financial crisis behind us, New Zealand is now moving swiftly into a global talent crisis.

The ongoing skills shortage has been cited as the main reason for many organisations’ inability to grow as quickly as they’d like. This is even more prevalent in a strong economic environment as many Kiwis leave to do their OE. In short, employers across most sectors simply can’t find suitable talent.

From a human capital perspective, 2011 is expected to be a year of reconnecting. Business leaders will need to reconnect with their employees through open and honest communication to ensure they are happy, motivated, engaged and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Smarter businesses will be increasing efficiencies this year by focusing on talent retention, training and development and offering a range of employee benefits to ensure that their people are engaged and motivated to perform to their maximum potential. And looking ahead as conditions continue to improve, the focus will need to be placed on attracting talent to ensure ongoing business growth.

The new year often brings movement and mobility of talent, so if this is the case, do your best to attract top talent before another organisation snaps them up.

The winners in 2011 will be those organisations with the right people in the right jobs, motivated and ready to grow the business.

The following five tips will help you evaluate your career and hit the ground running in 2011:

1: Stop and think

Assess your career goals and ensure that your expectations are meeting the market’s expectations — that way you will not be disappointed. Look back on your achievements, celebrate positive milestones and map out your new goals.

2: Take time for holidays

The old adage ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ can also be true at work. Not taking ‘time out’ often leads to stress and finding yourself bogged down in the little things. Find some time during 2011 to relax and you will feel re-energised to deal with the exciting developments awaiting you later in the year.

3: Be prepared

If you are considering a career move, ensure you spend time brushing up on interview skills. Prepare answers for interview questions, particularly behavioural interview questions, and update your CV.

4: Play to your strengths

If you are currently in a job, you need to continue to play to your strengths. Know what it is you are good at and don’t focus on the negatives. When you focus on talents and not shortfalls, you will experience positivity and strength to meet any challenge thrown at you. Always investigate learning and development programmes offered by your employer, even if they are not strictly related to your existing area of expertise. Go with what you find interesting as well as what would help advance your career.

5: Act now

Do not wait for opportunity to knock on your door. Whether it is within your current organisation or even within a totally new role, your time to act is right now. Open your mind to opportunities that may not have been something you would have evaluated previously — you might be surprised with what you discover.

Above all, stay motivated and confident.

Paul Robinson works at Randstad, a Fortune 500 Company and one of the world’s largest HR services providers, specialising in executive recruitment and HR Solutions. Visit for further information.

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