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Helping Business Step Out Of The Sludge

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It might not be a lot, but at least some help is at hand for businesses affected by the Rena oil spill in the Bay of Plenty region.

A government subsidy of $360,000 has been earmarked for the ‘front end’ of the tourism industry and is intended to keep people in employment.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Max Mason says the Chamber is working with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to develop the recovery package. Mason says the Rena Support Subsidy will help take some of the immediate financial pressure off some of the worst affected operators.

“It gives them a bit of breathing room which will enable them to regroup, pay some bills, get some advice and training on how to deal with their particular situation, and restructure financially or operationally,” he explains.

Operators that have been affected to some extent, but who fall outside the criteria for support, will be able to access other forms of support mechanisms including free mentors, training courses in crisis recovery and business advice.

“It’s positive that the Government has recognised that businesses are hurting, and that these particular businesses owners and employees are an important part of our tourism, and fishing economy. If the situation changes then the size of the fund will be reviewed, so that’s also encouraging,” Mason says.

Support is available through the Chamber including a website for the business community to keep up to date with information and resources and a helpline for business recovery advice –
0800 BAYBIZ (229 249).

For more information on the Business Recovery Package visit

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