Heading for Left Field – The World’s Weirdest Jobs



There is a world of unusual jobs out there, from the cringe worthy to the obscene. So if you’re looking for a change of profession here are some of the more off the wall options you could consider… just to remind yourself that anything’s possible. 

Train pusher 
The morning and evening commute at Japanese train stations can get extremely crowded. Professional train pushers are hired during rush hour to literally shove as many people onto the trains as possible. Train pushers assist commuters by pulling train doors apart slightly to stuff a bag, jacket or even a person in properly so the door will close.

Indian ear cleaner 
Ear cleaners roam the streets of India equipped with a steel needle, a wad of cotton and a pair of tweezers. The ear cleaners remove ear wax, dust and foreign objects from their customers’ ears using homemade ear buds and rudimentary tools. But it’s a dying profession as the younger generation opt to use store-bought cotton buds instead.

Dog surfing instructor 
If you’ve ever wanted your dog to take surfing lessons it can now be arranged thanks to dog surfing instructors in San Diego. Many owners who want their dog to enter the world of show business have been known to hire a dog surfing instructor to give their pooch private one-on-one lessons.

Face feeler 
A face feeler’s job is, you guessed it, to feel people’s faces. There job is to determine how effective their clients’ facial beauty products are. If they think their client’s skin doesn’t feel at its best, they can recommend other beauty products that would be more suitable for their client’s needs.

Professional hugger 
Everyone needs a hug once and a while, but many people don’t have a significant other to cuddle with. This is where a professional hugger comes in. They will snuggle with their client whilst charging up to $80 an hour. Clothes are worn by both parties the whole time.

Professional bridesmaid 
Professional bridesmaids are there to assist brides on their big day. The undercover bridesmaid acts as the bride’s personal assistant leading up to and on the big day. They are also hired if the bride doesn’t have enough friends to stand by her side. Professional bridesmaids can charge anywhere from $300 to $2,000 per wedding.

Dog food taster
You’d be forgiven for thinking this job is held by dogs, but it is not. Humans are hired by pet food companies to test dog food. They test the taste, quality and nutritional value of the product. After holding the food in their mouth for a short time they spit it out and score it.

Professional line stander
If you can’t take the day off work to stand in line for the new iPhone release, then a professional line-stander can take your place. They’ll even wait in line over night to guarantee their clients get their hands on what it is they are after. Some line-standers make up to $1,000 a week.


By Laura Baker

Author: fatweb

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