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Since 1985 we have devoted our publications to highlighting the successful growth and development of businesses throughout the nation. Many organisations have utilised our range of regional business magazines – Auckland Today, Central Today, Wellington Today and Canterbury Today – to herald the success of their business and demonstrate their capabilities to the wider business market in their region.
We have continually focused on the positive aspects and growth of New Zealand companies and can provide feature profiles to businesses great and small at no cost – the process is simple:


Free Company Profile

As your company is an Innovator within your field we would like to be part of your ongoing success, by offering you a FREE feature profile within our leading business-to-business publication. This can focus on any aspect of your company you want it to: your business history, products and services, special events, management and staff profiles, and of course what the future holds moving forward. This marketing of your brand can save on your marketing budget.

Involving your Suppliers

Your suppliers support the feature by way of advertising around the feature. This helps you get more space to tell your story and as such, helps increase your company’s awareness and turnover. It will benefit these suppliers indirectly, due to the ongoing business from your growth. It can also benefit them directly, as their service will be seen in and promoted to our readership of over 65,000 people – and they will benefit from being associated with your successful company. This can also be viewed by them as a re-enforcing of their commitment to your company as you move ahead, and can only help strengthen your working relationship. It is a win-win, as they get to self promote themselves, because as you grow, their business grows too.

It is so Easy

We will provide a journalist free of charge to take a few minutes of your time to interview you, or a selected expert within your business. They then write the article and send it to you so you can check it. This is to ensure that you are happy with the article and that it represents your organisation accurately, and in a manner you are entirely comfortable with.

Professional Layout

You will be asked to supply full colour photos to show your premises, products, staff, etc (which you will supply ideally as digital files) which are placed throughout your feature to deliver maximum visual impact.

Complimentary Copies

You will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine once it has gone to print, and we are happy for you to use it as a marketing tool by ordering extra copies after the feature is completed by the team

High Resolution Pdf Copies

You also receive FREE high resolution pdf’s of your feature, to use in the future for your own marketing and promotional purposes.

Please click here to send your details through to our team and a consultant will be in touch with you asap.