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Five Tips to Make LinkedIn Work for You

by fatweb

Michele Hider

Director of Priority Communications

Businesspeople are often great at making connections on LinkedIn. A quick click on connect or accept and you’ve added another name and face to your list. But what happens next?

If you’re one of those people with 300+ connections but no idea how to make some mileage from LinkedIn, you’re certainly not alone.

These five simple tips should help you move to another level and really get LinkedIn working for you and your business.

1. Have a detailed profile

Make sure your profile is succinct but offer more than just the basics, so that your skills and experience are on display and people can understand what you have to offer. A professional photo is a must. Profiles with photos are many times more likely to be viewed.

2. Be an active user

Post and comment regularly, join some LinkedIn groups so that you can participate in conversations relating to your industry, and keep track of what your connections are doing.

A key contact starting a new job, for example, may provide an opportunity for you to work for their new company. Make good use of company Facebook posts by also using them on LinkedIn.

Just remember they need to work for a business audience. The private messaging part of LinkedIn is also useful for keeping in touch with people and making times to talk or meet.

3. Get endorsed for your skills

Endorsements are a useful way of promoting your skills. Members who have a greater number of endorsements also rank higher in LinkedIn search results.

If you are light on endorsements, tell some of your close contacts that you are trying to build your LinkedIn profile and ask if they could endorse you for certain skills. Endorsing others is a very positive way to network and keep in touch with people that you may not see regularly.

4. Keep an eye on who’s checking you out

Make sure you check who has been looking at your profile, by using the ‘Who viewed your profile’ feature.

This tool allows you to see who has been visiting your page. It can open up opportunities for new connections and indicate who is interested in the work you do.

5. Personalise your invitations to connect

Opt to write a personal message rather than send the standard LinkedIn request. Include where you met the person or how you got their details, and offer the opportunity to talk soon. Personal touches will not only increase the chance of your request being accepted but also the potential to do business together.

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