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Exercise is known to lower blood pressure, strengthen your immunity, reduce stress, tension, depression and anxiety, help maintain a healthy weight and improve overall health and well-being.
This is common knowledge, but how often do you exercise? Moreover, when do you find the time? After a hard day at the office it’s time for dinner prep, tidying and a bit of much needed R&R – exercise doesn’t fit into that equation.
Often lack of exercise is due to motivation over time limitation; which is what Apollo Projects’ HR manager Meredith Hulme discovered among her team.
If you happen to be passing by Apollo’s Christchurch office, chances are you will see a work-out session taking place in the courtyard.
Through sweat and tears you can still see the smiles and hear the laughter from a mile away. The enjoyment they are receiving from getting out in the fresh air is apparent.
But before exercise was implemented in their working day Meredith admits a lot of people involved didn’t partake in exercise outside of work.
The idea was initiated by co-owner Paul Lloyd who was looking for a personal trainer at the time. He thought maybe he wasn’t the only one looking to improve his fitness.
The word was put out among the team to see how much interest they would gain and Meredith says the response was all for it so they had to give it go.
Iconic Fitness trainer, Blake West, has been leading the team’s training sessions for more than a year now. His enthusiasm for corporate wellness is making its mark and many at Apollo have found a new love for exercise.
One staff member has lost 13 kg completely turning her life around.
Though they haven’t done any official measurements in the workplace, Meredith knows in herself just how much she benefits from the group training sessions and she can see a huge difference in her team as well.
“I can tell from around the office how much the energy levels increase after exercise. It’s almost like you reset yourself.”
Corporate Wellness director, Tom Downs, says there is an increasing awareness around health and well-being nowadays and a lot of employers are taking it upon themselves to implicate it in the workplace.
Work is a safe place to get fit. You are not having to step into a strange environment, such as the gym, and you are surrounded by people you know who are all wanting the same thing.
And if you’re thinking about skipping a session, your colleagues will soon bring you around – nothing like a bit of gentle peer pressure among friends.
Tom admits it does take a bit of warming up to for some people as you are forced to step out of your comfort zone but everyone is in the same boat.
“There is no better way to bond as a team than to work out together,” Tom says.
Employers who have adopted workplace exercise have noticed higher engagement among staff as well.
We all know the benefits of exercise, with nothing to lose except stress, tension, depression and anxiety, why not put some time aside during your working day and take a step towards corporate wellness.
By Natalia Rietveld

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