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By Karen Pasco

Some may call him a business evangelist, some may describe him as a visionary – in fact what Michael E. Gerber is, is a man who had a dream – a dream to help others in their businesses and in their lives. Now he is living his dream and passing it on to others so they can live theirs too.

Throughout our lifetime we are constantly told “be careful”, “don’t do that you might hurt yourself”, “don’t fail”. Although the intentions are that parents, teachers, caregivers and any adult that may be involved in the upbringing of a child are trying to protect that person; what’s actually happening is that child is being conditioned and becomes afraid of trying new things, developing ideas or following their dreams.

“This kills our creativity,” Gerber says. “What we need to do is go back to the childlike mentality when we were not afraid to try; we were confident and had dreams than seemed unimaginable.”

Successful entrepreneurs have shown they do not let their minds get bogged down by such negativity; instead they look at how they can make something work. Gerber believes there is an entrepreneur in every man and woman and believes the reason many small businesses fail is because people don’t think big enough.

Often people create a business so they become their own boss and what they don’t realise in doing so, they are often a technician within that business who is fully able to understand the work they do, but has not necessarily developed the qualities needed to operate it successfully, he says.

“Entrepreneurs invent businesses that work without them – technicians invent businesses that work because of them.

“What entrepreneurs do is create businesses that aren’t about providing themselves with a job. Their sole purpose is to create a product or service that will have meaning for its customers – something that will change someone’s life for the better. What people find is they may have got rid of the boss and now they’re working for a lunatic – themselves.”

To be successful every person needs to develop the four qualities of an entrepreneur – the dreamer (what), thinker (how), storyteller (who and why) and the leader (tactical how), and it is these four qualities that make an entrepreneur, he says.

So Gerber has developed The Dreaming Room™, a 12-week programme that encourages people who are in business, who want to start a business, or who are struggling with what they want to do with their lives; those who are simply stuck. During this time, participants unlock the doors and knock down barriers that have been built up, to develop their true dream and awaken the entrepreneur within.

Although The Dreaming Room process is standardised, what is not are the results, he says. “Every single one of them will have a different dream. It can be emotional and terrifying at times but the results are miraculous. But just because it is an emotional process doesn’t mean that it’s an excuse not to do it.”

Gerber’s track record in providing business owners with skills and processes that see their businesses succeed is possibly unrivalled.

But it didn’t start out that way. Gerber was a contractor who had himself suffered an entrepreneurial seizure. In the 1970s he was asked by a friend, who owned a small advertising agency, to visit a client who was struggling with converting the leads he was getting as a result of his marketing, into sales.

“I didn’t know anything about the business except that it was high tech. What I found was that Bob (the owner) didn’t realise thatselling was a system. I constantly challenged Bob and invented a system he could use effectively. It was a scripted process. What needs to happen is you need to invent that process. You can bring a relative novice in to a company and get them to sell.

“The system was a solution. You can do the same with a management system, marketing system or any type of system you require in your business.”

That was how he got into the business of fixing broken businesses. What led from there was extraordinary. He created an empire writing business coaching books including The E-Myth and The E-Myth Revisited which have sold millions of copies throughout the world. His companies have assisted tens of thousands of small business owner-clients around the globe and at 76 there are no signs of him slowing down.

“I never get sick of it, I could never get tired of it – because it empowers people to fulfil their potential by improving the world they live in. Each and every one of us can produce a result for this world they live in, a result which is uniquely their own.”

He is the true testament that if you develop the skills of an entrepreneur, you can succeed. If you continue to work in your business rather than on it – you won’t.

The Dreaming Room is soon to be launched in New Zealand where participants can unlock their aspirations and develop their entrepreneurial qualities by awakening the entrepreneur within. To find out more

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