Cork Productions “Stolen Movie”


Images taken and supplied by Lynne Puddy-Greenwood.
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  • Gill MacGregor, Anita Vaughan & Andy Rennie
  • Luciana Lovrich & Ladene Edwards-Nordmeyer
  • Sharon Reynolds, Lynda Holley & Marilyn Knowles
  • Lizzie, Merryn, Julie & Mary-Anne
  • Jude Fitzsimons & Heather Brown
  • Merryn Corcoran, Anne Rutherford, Pam Lindsay & Pieter Stewart
  • Liz Davies & Anneke Stewart
  • Merryn Corcoran, Di White-Johnson & Marilyn Crotty
Cork Productions “Stolen Movie”, the original brain child of Cantabrian Emily Corcoran, held an evening to celebrate her mother’s, Merryn Corcoran, birthday and the start of shooting after the five year delay because of the Christchurch earthquakes.
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