Congnac Glasses, Alarm Clock, Stingray Chair, etc.

1. Normann Copenhagen Congnac glasses


When we have a favourite tipple, we usually like to treat it right. These uniquely designed glasses by Norman Copenhagen are made specifically to enhance the deep colour and liquid movement of cognac. If placed on a table the glass will gently turn, exposing the fine aromas. These glasses are available from Design Denmark as a set of two.

RRP: $147 (set of two)
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2. Ruggie alarm clock

AT118-67Ruggie is the “World’s Best Alarm Clock” designed to stop late risers ‘losing to the snooze’. The memory foam rug will sound an alarm of your choice (downloadable from your computer via USB) and will only turn off when you stand on it for three seconds. The best part – it won’t sound again because there is no snooze button! It is currently a Kickstarter project, but well exceeded its March target of US$50,000, so should be hitting bedroom floors in no time.

RRP: Prices vary on Kickstarter


3. Design Denmark Stingray Chair

AT118-69A signature lounge chair can be a sweet addition to any room. This eye catching, almost futuristic interpretation of the classic rocking chair is by Fredericia at Design Denmark and can be used both inside and out. Built for comfort, it accommodates a variety of sitting positions, perfect for lazing in the garden or in the house.

RRP: rices start from $4,419


4. Kip & Co. velvet duvet cover


Some people like to lounge, others just like pretty bedding. Whatever your vice, this velvet duvet cover from Kip & Co. is the perfect mix of comfort and style for your bed. This 100 percent cotton velvet quilt comes in ‘deep ocean blue’ so adds a kick of colour for minimal palettes in the home.

RRP: $289



5. Profitec 700 coffee machine

For coffee lovers, nothing beats a freshly brewed cup of espresso – especially if it’s coming straight from your own kitchen. This Profitec 700 espresso machine is a little more high maintenance than your average coffee press or instant machine, but it is miles ahead in terms of taste, design and quality. The ultimate domestic espresso machine is semi-automatic with dual-boiler capabilities and timer and temperature displays for easier use. It may be one for the connoisseurs, but plays the part well.

RRP: $4,000

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