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Braided River Riesling

by fatweb

Braided-River-RieslingRieslings are “the” wine for 2009 and the exclusive Braided River Riesling from Canterbury is the one to get. This wine is zippy and zesty in its youth, making it a great food wine. It can accompany a wide range of foods successfully — all sorts of seafood and poultry, smoked fish and meat, even light pork and veal dishes.
The balance between ripe fruit flavour and firm acidity makes this wine wonderfully refreshing. A floral, citrus blossom aroma and a lovely long dry finish enhance the apple and lemon/lime flavours.
The team at Braided River only produce between 100 and 200 cases of Riesling a year, but this delicious wine is something to look out for.
RRP: from $21

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