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BlackBerry Bold 9000

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BlackberryBold-3qtr-left_hrBlackBerry is one of the most well-known and well-liked smartphone brands in the world and Telecom’s XT Network powered BlackBerry Bold 9000 won’t disappoint.

It’s the perfect accessory for work and leisure, from home and abroad. You can view and amend documents on the go, browse the internet and send emails at the tap of its QWERTY keyboard. This allows you to add up to ten work and personal email addresses with the BlackBerry Internet Service, connect easily to WiFi networks anywhere and find destinations quickly with the in-built GPS.

The full multimedia capability means you can take music and movie collection with you wherever you are, synchronise your handset with your PC playlists, and then play them all back with its superb audio and picture quality.

Don’t miss out on any photo-taking opportunity, day or night, with the two megapixel camera and flash, and you can use the bigger 1GB internal memory and 16GB expandable memory, to store more pictures, music and movies.

Telecom’s new XT Mobile Network offers seamless roaming across 200 destinations worldwide with no setup, simple zone-based pricing and voicemail that works just like it does at home.

RRP:$1199 or visit your local Telecom store

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