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Allbirds Runners, Reno Bed, Holographic Smartphone, Etc.

by fatweb

1. Allbirds runners

Allbirds is branching out from wool and introducing a suite of tree products. Using ethnically-sourced Eucalyptus fibres, the Tree collection provides a cooling effect by wicking away moisture to deliver unmatched breathability for the ultimate comfort in footwear, so you can keep active in style.
RRP: from $160

2. Freedom Furniture Reno Bed

Put the day’s stress to bed because sweet dreams are made of this: Handcrafted from solid Prima Vera, Freedom’s Reno Bed provides the perfect touch of natural warmth to transform your bedroom into a hibernation haven this winter.
RRP: $1,399

3. Freedom Furniture Reno Dresser 6 Drawer

It may have a sleek, clean profile but it does your dirty work for you, hiding your not-so-wardrobe-friendly items like chunky jumpers and socks. The natural Prima Vera timber radiates cosiness about the room.
RRP: $1,499

 4. RED Hydrogen Holographic Smartphone

Keen to get your hands on the world’s first holographic media machine? In one fell swoop the future of communication, information gathering, holographic multi-view, 2D, 3D, AR/VR/MR and image capture just changed forever. The Hydrogen One operates on Android OS and is sure to be an assault on your senses. Pre-orders have ended so keep an eye out for its worldwide release sometime in 2018.
RRP: from USD $1,295

5. Jamie Oliver Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

What’s a guaranteed way to make winter more enjoyable? A wood fired pizza oven. The Jamie Oliver Wood Fired Pizza Oven range is unrivalled when it comes to homemade pizza perfection. The refractory cement dome construction keeps the pizza oven hot for longer periods of time, longer than the stainless steel arch pizza oven alternatives.
RRP: from $4,000

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