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Golfing Umbrella, Indoor Palm, Table Top Fireplace, Etc.

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1. The ultimate golfing umbrella

Blunt’s largest, most robust sports umbrella yet, the Blunt™ Golf G2 was built with high-performance in mind. Featuring a superstrong fibreglass shaft and an ergonomically designed sports handle that’s easy to grip, the Golf G2 gives you unprecedented coverage from the elements, keeping you and your equipment as dry as a bone (or as cool as a cucumber).
RRP: from $169

2. Kentia indoor palm

Admire the beauty and benefits of the outdoors from the warmthand comfort of your couch with low-maintenance indoor greenery.This easy to care for Howea Forsteriana palm boasts gracefulfronds and loves a warm and moderately humid environment withbright indirect light, but is also okay in low light, making it an idealhouse guest.
RRP: from $85

3. The Denver Ellipse table top fireplace

Turn up the temperature – literally and aesthetically – with theDenver Ellipse™, a versatile and luxurious fireplace that offersunlimited decoration possibilities. Featuring two glass screens thisinnovative model can be placed on TV furniture, dining tables andcountertops, or used as a stand-alone piece of furniture. It comeswith a radio-frequency remote control which allows an adjustmentof the flame intensity on six levels, or you can operate the firevia Bluetooth, on your Apple or Android device or via thedecoflame® app.
RRP: $15,525

 4. Republic of Florence The Nardi Brown

Known for their fine Italian leather construction, Republic ofFlorence design, craft and create bags that will add a touch ofluxury into your everyday life. The Nardi of Brown is no exception,posing as the perfect companion for overnight or weekendgetaways, or to combat a hectic daily schedule. Focussing onquality, durability and aesthetics, Republic of Florence designs arecrafted in Italy and made to last a lifetime.
RRP: from $400

5. Bear soles

Warm up instantly and keep warm with these premium shearlinginsoles made with natural Australian sheepskin. Simply replacethe insoles of your favourite shoes and boots with Bear Soles togive your feet and joints the support and comfort you need. Didwe mention they boast shock absorbing foam for comfort andprotection from hard surfaces, low level arch support to help withposture, alignment and common pain, and they’re designed to betrimmed to fit best after removing the manufacturer’s insoles fromyour shoes?
RRP: from $40

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