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Advert Specifications

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Just send us the logos, images, relevant text and company contact information for your advert and our designers will construct it for you FREE OF CHARGE!
Our friendly team of highly qualified designers will work with you until you are completely happy for the advert to go to print… IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Preferred Applications

•    InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word.


•    tif, eps, jpg, bitmap, pdf  (high resolution only)
•    CD, penstick – (these cannot be returned)

Digital Material

•     Text converted to outlines or all relevant fonts supplied
•     All pictures/logos and linked files must be supplied or embedded
•    All images should be no less than 300dpi or greater
•     All colour adverts should be CMYK
•     Use 100% Black (not a CMYK mix).

Advert sizing’s

Canterbury Today, Auckland T0day – Download
Principals Today – Updated sizing’s arriving soon
Build & Renovate Today – Download
If you are unsure about any of the specifications, or have any printing related questions, please contact the production department.
Phone:    03 961 5077 | 0800 555 097

DISCLAIMER – We do not accept responsibility for the final printed product if the material supplied to us has not been produced to our specifications, or has been supplied by a production facility other than our own.