Adjusting to our new normal

CT156-27Leeann Watson

Chief executive of CECC

I am pleased to once again be back in our office in Kilmore Street and working side-by-side with my colleagues (not too closely!).

The last few months have turned our lives upside down as we have all navigated a rapidly evolving environment without a blueprint, and often at very short notice.

No-one could have predicted the immense impact that COVID-19 would have on our way of life and our ability to conduct business, but I continue to be amazed at the agility and speed of our business community’s response to this unprecedented situation.

It is a ‘new normal’ that we are all facing, which is why reaching out to a trusted advisor has never been so important.

As we saw after the Canterbury earthquakes, expert advice now could make the difference to help businesses not just survive but thrive.

The Chamber can provide businesses with a range of support including advice around re-sizing and restructuring, meeting health and safety requirements and much, much more.

We can also help businesses plan and prepare and position for what could be a challenging few months, and even years, ahead.

New Government funding has enabled us as part of the BusinessNZ Network to extend our phone advice offering to all businesses in Te Wai Pounamu the South Island through our Helpline: 0800 50 50 96.

This Helpline can offer specific advice around how to access Government-funded business support, advice on what changes in Alert Levels may mean for businesses, general business advice and access to online resources, and connections to business advisory services.

If the issue is more complex, the helpline may provide a referral to an expert advisor which may include additional services via The Chamber depending on the subject and level of advice sought.

If your business has been adversely impacted by COVID-19, I would strongly encourage you to get in touch to discuss your individual circumstances so we can help to guide you through this challenging time.

If you need business-related support or advice, please call The Chamber on 0800 50 50 96, email, or visit

Now more than ever is the time to ask for help.


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