Accessman – Have you got the height


Images taken and supplied by Lynne Puddy-Greenwood.
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  • Michael Emms (Thermosash), & Ashley Wilkinson (Ganellen Construction)
  • Angela Goodfellow (Accessman), Mayson Chang (C&D Roofing Services)
  • David Smith (Simon Construction), & Karl Harvey (Accessman)
  • Lena Harrington (GM Accessman)
  • Murray Caton & Shane Borland (Pegasus Engineering)
  • Richard Allbon & Cagan Burrows (Hawkins Construction)
  • Lena Harrington & Andrew Oliver
  • Jared Glue & Cagan Burrows (Hawkins Construction)
Lena Harrington, the CEO of Accessman, held an evening at the The Dirty Land to expand its new campaign, ”Have you got the height”.
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