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New Zealand is the land of innovators, the home of the start-up, and the birthing point for global ideas. Before they take on the world, Kiwi business owners need the best advice and the latest information from the cutting edge of industry, commerce, media, technology, and community. This is why, 30 years ago, publisher Peter Collins founded Academy Publishing and a series of SME-focused publications which have gone on to become a cornerstone at the ground level of New Zealand’s business community.

Since 1980 thousands of companies have realized the benefits of advertising in these targeted publications. Academy Group has grown to be one of New Zealand’s largest privately owned publishing houses with carefully targeted publications, offering in-depth analysis of current issues, exciting profiles, success stories and interesting people, along with details of the latest projects and products making news.

Now part of a group of publishing companies providing a range of products in both New Zealand and Australia, it’s been a successful 30 years of continued growth. Not only in the regional business publications, but through to the targeted nationwide niche publications and the small community booklets, the method is the same – to provide cost effective, targeted advertising solutions which get the message across in detail and with accuracy to a targeted and interested audience.

Now also successfully producing “contract publications” for organisations, Academy Group is a professional in the sales arena and aims to provide all its publications free; without charge to either the reader or the organisation. After years of producing its own range of magazines, Academy Group realised it has much to offer organisations who want to produce their own magazine but don’t have the know-how, the time, energy or the funds to do so. Its experienced inhouse editorial, design, production and administration teams, along with dedicated sales teams, means Academy Group is fully equipped to produce a two page newsletter, right through to a glossy monthly magazine.

With a head office in Christchurch, cyber sales teams throughout New Zealand and Australia, and offices in both Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Academy Group is well equipped and well informed locally, regionally and nationally.

If you would like to find out more information about Academy Group and what other products and services are available please feel free to contact:

Managing Director : Gary Collins :



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