A Place In The Sun – Cuba


Cuba could rightly be regarded as one of the world’s great survivors. The tiny island country on the periphery of the United States has forged an enduring national identity because of — and perhaps in spite of — its tumultuous history. Mention Cuba and a melting pot of impressions starts simmering — international uproar, Fidel Castro and Communism, the Bay of Pigs, JFK, salsa, the missile crisis, jazz, classic American cars, Guantanamo Bay, a near-crippling US-enforced trade embargo.

These days Cuba is a little known but surprisingly great tourist destination. Bathed in the tropical Caribbean climate, it offers heavenly beaches, historic buildings and the opportunity to party all night. Check out the pre-60s cars, throbbing music scene and famous Cuban cigars.

Fly through Canada, Europe, the Caribbean or South America to get there — you can’t go through the US.

Check out: www.gocuba.ca


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