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Wyatt Desk, Kohler Mica Basin, Trunk Storage Box, Etc.

by fatweb

CT152-lifestyles1. Wyatt Desk

Bring the warmth to your home and office this winter with the sleek by design, rich-in-aesthetic-appeal Wyatt Desk by Freedom Furniture. Measuring 135x50cm it will both make a statement that fills any large room and also fit comfortably within more modest-sized rooms, deeming it a perfect multi-purpose relic for many an interior space.
RRP: $999

CT152-lifestyles copy 52. Kohler Mica Basin

Thin and delicate-looking, the Kohler Mica basin’s super ceramic material proves to be extremely strong and durable. Its DFI stain-resistant coating also keeps it glossy and immaculate, maintaining the design’s classic beauty and elegance, without a compromise on quality. Available in black or white, in either round or square design, the Mica basin makes for a simple yet stunning addition to any modern bathroom’s aesthetic.
RRP from $759

CT152-lifestyles copy3. Trunk Storage Box

Place it at the end of the bed, in the corner of the lounge or even in an entranceway; somewhere within every home is the need for a well-positioned storage trunk, especially in winter when extra clothing and blankets lurk. Freedom’s trunk, in natural seagrass, harbours an organic and non-opposing feel that blends lovingly with most home environments.
RRP: $399

CT152-lifestyles copy 34. iRobot Braava Mop

We know about robo vacuum cleaners, robo carpet cleaners and for the outdoors, robo lawn mowers and pool cleaners, but are you aware of the robo mop? The bathroom and kitchen, considering the activity that happens within, can dispel your hard-fought toing and froing on the end of a mop before you know it. Kiss goodbye to such antiquity and treat yourself to an iRobot Braava jet 240 robot mop to do the work for you, whenever it’s needed.
RRP from $200

CT152-lifestyles copy 25. The Ultimate Pet Camera

The Petcube Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera has been such a popular pet camera that it’s appeared on both the TODAY and Ellen DeGeneres shows. With sound and motion alerts it boasts 1080p HD video, 3x zoom, two-way audio, night vision, and even an interactive laser toy, so you can not only keep an eye on things while away, but you can also tell them off, console them or keep them entertained! Another handy feature is being able to replay the last 4 hours of video activity, as triggered by motion sensors.
RRP from $215

CT152-lifestyles copy 46. Ritz Drink Trolley

Freedom Furniture’s 3-Tier Ritz Drinks Trolley will be sure to keep your belly warm and your spirits high during the cooler months. With its timeless design and gold finishes, it’s equally as tastefully purposeful for an intimate night in as it is for a mid-winter soiree.
RRP: $299

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