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5 Signs You Need an Attitude Adjustment

by fatweb

A bad mood and a bad attitude are not the same thing, but the former is undoubtedly a precursor for the latter.
A bad attitude develops gradually; we get into bad moods for various reasons and these bad vibes build upon each to develop a bad attitude.
Worse still, bad attitudes are contagious. Don’t become a statistic in the pity party pandemic – if you are experiencing some (or all) of the following symptoms, you could well be in need of an attitude adjustment.
1. Everything irritates you
And by everything we mean everything: the grocery item you forgot to pick up; the family member asking a favour; the food joint that didn’t get your order right; the remote batteries dying… need we go on?
The solution: ask yourself whether this inconvenience will matter a year down the track. This is an easy way to gain perspective and put seemingly mammoth issues in their place.
2. You are jealous and bitter about others’ success
Humans are, by nature, competitive. But we are also compassionate beings, and when competitiveness overrides compassion and deems you incapable of celebrating the successes of others, chances are you’re becoming (or have already become), resentful.
The solution: set your own goals and stop comparing yourself and your progress to those around you. Everyone has a skill set – some greater than others. Make the most of yours by focussing on effective ways to use your skills towards achieving your goals.
3. “But” becomes your best friend
“I was going to… but something came up.” If the word “but” features frequently in your vocabulary, it’s very possible that excuses are stopping you from utilising your potential. Instead you’re probably wasting opportunities.
The solution: take note of how often you actually say “but” and you’ll realise how it allows your positivity and motivation to elude you. Make a conscious effort to end your sentence before using the “but” word.
4. You are ruminating, not reflecting
After a difference in opinion you spend countless minutes going over what you should have said and what to say next – sound familiar? Endlessly replaying a negative scenario in your head is a clear sign that negativity dominates your thoughts.
The solution: the easiest way to move on is to keep busy. Failing that, write a letter to the person which you don’t intend to send. Externalising your feelings this way allows you to shed anxiety without upsetting the other person, or further fuelling the disagreement.
5. You believe the universe is conspiring against you
Unsuccessful people tend to claim they are unlucky, but it’s more likely that a negative attitude is blocking them from making the most out of life’s serendipitous situations. The feeling that everyone else has it better than you is the gateway to negativity and a bad attitude.
The solution: instead of focussing on what is or went wrong, find the positives in your situation. If you are still struggling to see through the fog of negativity then take a walk – virtually or physically – to charities and sites of the less fortunate to remind yourself that the world you inhabit probably isn’t nearly as bad as you perceive it to be.

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